Asset Integrity, Maintenance Engineering Total Maintenance Contracts. Subsidiary Management. I & E Management Gas Turbines DCS / oil&gas
code BJ-EAU-200711-704 on vers international

Project Manager in Maintenance Engineering Originally E&l. engineer then Head of Instrument department I was finally tagged as plural disciplines Engineer Specialized in Engineering of Maintenance and Asset Integrity Management, specialized in buyback contracts on O&G facilities Offsh & Onsh w/Iran. Issuing Standard System Subsystem, Operation/Maintenance Manuals. for complete plant facilities before hand over. As Project Engineer I was involved in many plants start up, in Qatar, France and UAE. My background in petro chemical plants as well as in oil & gas fields, gave me a strong profile . In Abu Dhabi as Area Manager I have leaded projects E / I for major O&G Co in Middle East. A similar position was hold in Qatar. In the past i was involved in the MGT of larges projects like Polystyrene plant France, Ethane recovery unit in Qapco.

MR JO... B...
50200 My

Expertise :

In the following industries:
Oil & Gas onshore & offshore Petrochimie Sidérurgie

Fields of practice:
Asset Integrity, Maintenance Engineering, E & I engineer

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Direction des Operations refinery,oil companies,petrochemicals Direction Technique

Types of interventions:
Technical Manager Maintenance Engineering Project Engineer Elec Methods Head of Instrument Department Electrical supervisor Production foreman

Training courses attended:

advanced postgraduate level petrochemicals
bac F2
bep electrotechnique


Led training courses:

Computer skills:


Some references:
Total ABK
Elf Petroleum Iran
Elf Petroleum Qatar
Total Petrochemicals (ex Orkem/Atochem)
Qapco Qatar
Qgpc Qatar
Elf Congo

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08/2008 today Project Manager in Maintenance Engineering In Kuala Lumpur

Oct.04 / 08 2008 – TOTAL abk: Abu Dhabi (

- Spare Parts Co-ordinator , Spare parts specialist on OKGD gas project. Similar Maintenance Engineering tasks than Total Dubai. (on SAP CMMS) Interface between main contractor and Total ABK, adapt final documents and data’s as per SAP requirement. Implementation of the criticality of the new equipments in T.ABK complex.

February 99 / Oct. 04 – TOTAL Dubai: for the three projects buy-back with Iran:
TOTAL Sirri - Dubai ( EPI Balal and EPI Dorood, (EPI= Elf Petroleum Iran).
Maintenance engineer Head of Maintenance Engineering to perform Asset Integrity management tasks for preparation of production, maintenance operations and hand over of the full plant to final Iranian Client.
- Constituting the Methods Department, in charge of: Maintenance Engineering, Issue the Maintenance Manuals, Maintenance routines, Check tagging,
- Issuing Spare parts recommendations (SPIR forms 50 000 items) and capture on Mainta software, follow-up of the procurements.
- Teaching tasks to main contractors in Sharja and Singapore.
- Technical Support in Dubai for routine and emergency request from the field during operations before hand over.

Sept.1992 / July 2001 - DIETSMANN TECHNOLOGIES SA - Monaco

September 98 – January 99 Dietsmann Overseas Services.
Country Manager in Qatar.
Out of various projects, involved in asset management Project assessment for QGPC ARAB “D” (gas plant). Establishment of a global maintenance contract.
Country Business plan. DRH, Finance, Workshop management.

November 97 / Sept .1998 - Seconded for Elf Petroleum Qatar - Doha (Qatar)

- Project Manager assigned in Methods Department, in charge of : Maintenance Engineering on Alkhalij project.
- Data base creation with Teroman software, Maintenance Routines, updating of Maintenance Manuals, drawings, retagging raising on QGPC Standards.

June 1996 / July 1997 - Assigned at Dietsmann UAE - Abu Dhabi (

- Dietsmann Group area representative and Area Manager, in charge of and responsible for executing and communicating company’s corporate policies, philosophy and procedures. In charge of the 49% of the join venture in country.
- In charge of the prospects in Middle East to assess the potential of an eventual business plan.
- French Business Group UAE member.
- Managing locals relations, logistics & admin., commercial, technical and organisational
tasks and reporting to GM.

- Project: Maintenance Engineering: Issue of the Maintenance Manual for EPQ. On Elf standards including 2Y spare parts for Alkhalij field. (>50000 tags). Located near NPCC Abu Dhabi during construction then in Doha before and during commissioning.

- Project for Aramco new distillation skid, instrument equipments design, fab, precom, com.


Sept.1992 / May 1996 - Seconded for Elf Petroleum Congo - Pointe Noire (Congo)

- HEAD OF INSTRUMENT DEPARTMENT involved in Total maintenance contract (one of the very first in the world) at DJENO Terminal, in charge of:
- maintenance of entire plant and production
- Amot pneumatic instrumentation until revamping in 1994
- Storage DCS Modumat 8000 Bailey monitored
- Enraf sensors (electromechanics) and Andress Hauser sound levels
- Reheater treatment (Proser / Baurn burners)
- Power Generation:
- 1 Hispano Suiza THM 12035 turbo-generator until end 1996
- 3 Pielstick PA6 and PA4 diesel alternators (controlled by PLC)
- Loading pumps:
- 2 turbo-pumps (Solar Saturn / Worthington)
- 2 electric pumps (Worthington)

Jan.1977 / Aug 1992 - ELF ATOCHEM - Carling (57)

Sept.1990 - Aug.1992 - ELF ATOCHEM - Carling (57)

- ELF REPRESENTATIVE, START-UP LEADER for electrical part of new polystyrene plant yard:
-100 000 T/Y – Pre-Com/Commissioning and start-up of 500 motors, 80 power system drivers, training of the maintenance team, Maintenance documentation Organisation.
- Project Electrical Engineer in the maintenance department of petrochemical complex, in charge of:
- PLC’s and Digital control systems: (more than 100)
- Merlin Gerin Telemecanique, Siemens, maintenance and new projects.
- Process management systems:
- Honeywell:TDC 3000/TDC 2000, April, µz Bailey.
- Maintenance DB application of 4D software on Mac.
- Robotics on Beumer paletizer monitored by Siemens PLC

Aug.1989 / Sept.1990 - ELF ATOCHEM - Carling (57)

- Main Area Senior Engineer for the electrical maintenance department of petrochemical complex:
Field of responsibility: 12 production units.
- responsible for a team in charge of maintenance and repairs on various plants and electrical networks during shift and day works. Staff supervised: 1 leader with 6 technicians + contractors depending on job.
- the CARLING complex includes:
- Ethylene Plant:
- 2 Steam cracking (420 000 T/Y)
- Oil (350 000 T/Y)
- Polyethylene plant:
- 3 Lines 280 000 T/Y
- Styrene (300 000 T/Y)
- Utilities Plant:
- power generation (2 Gas Turbines) and distribution
- steam, nitrogen, air and water networks.
- Several units as Ammonia, Acrylic acid 160 000 T/Y, Acrylates, Dvb, Nitric acid , styrene , super absorbent ,etc.

June 1984 / July 1989 - Seconded to QAPCO - Um Said (Qatar).

- Electrical Engineer responsible for entire electrical department (32 persons : 3 expat foremen, 3 methods specialists and 26 technicians) for all 4 plants : (during planned shut downs staff supervised >200 )
- power production (3 GE Frame V - 25 MW)
- a steam craking (17 MW)
- a polyethylene unit (11 MW)
- an extruder (1 MW - variable speed)
- In charge of :
- methods & schedules compiled in general shutdown preparation ( 3, 5,10 years).
- planning of preventive maintenance and modifications
- drawing up of qualification, cancellation and work permit procedures
(systems such as TELEMECANIQUE ROTAVAR, JEUMONT SCHNEIDER JIS 1000 driving 2 x 2.5MW Variable speed motors.
- the technical re-design of bagging lines on PLC’s.
- the project:
- to operate the electrical network by PLC and its automatic deleting system.
- to shift the AVR of the three gas turbines from outside to the control room. (under running conditions).
- to install 33 KV, 11 KV cubicles.

Jan.1977 / May 1984 - Elf Atochem / Orkem - Carling (57)

- HV LV Electrical Supervisor, maintenance department of petrochemical complex .
Field of responsibility : 17 production units including 2 steam cracking, Ldpe plant, polystyrene plant, O2 liquid etc…, in charge of :
intervention / maintenance team of 7 technicians
- power production : full network 220KV to 48V DC
- 4 turbo-generators : GE Frame V (25 MW)
- a steam turbo-generator : Rateau (25 MW)
- transformers ( 220 KV / 65 KV / 5,5 KV)
- the supervision of outside contractors
1978: Polyethylene Plant Production foreman after working in each manufacturing unit:
compression, polymerisation, steam-cracking .
- Production foreman after in-house training and recruitment via competitive examination.


- 1976: BAC F2 - Electronic engineering (A-level equivalent)
- 1974: BEP - Electrical and mechanical engineering (O-level equivalent)

Training courses

- 1995 - IRA (instrumentation training body): Industrial computer network architecture
- 1994 - ENSPM Paris: Project organisation (contracts, schedules, procurement, yard organisation and management
- 1991 - IFP (French Petroleum Inst): Site and site shutdown organisation.
- 1991 - PLC programme installation and troubleshooting TSX47 10.30, PB 80/400 PLC’s
- 1991 - Télémécanique: Altivar (Speed Controller)
- 1990 - APAVE: Electrical standards (equiv LOID)
- 1989 - Beumer: Paletizer robotics
- 1989 - Télémécanique: TX47.20 PLC
- 1988 - Jeumont Schneider: Electronic power systems for variable speed motors
- 1987 - On site in Qatar: Honeywell TDC 2000 / 3000 digital control systems
- 1984 - UK English language in Southport
- 1981 - Merlin Gérin: High-low voltage protections
- 1977 - IRA (instrumentation training body): Instrumentation (level V)
- 1977 - Elf Atochem training centre, Nancy University + 1 yr on job training: Applied physics

Special knowledge of :

- Management: Middle East environment, multi nationalities, maintenances in oil & gas Co plus petro-chemicals.

- Electricity :

- Power generation:
- gas turbo-generators : GE Frame V , Siemens Typhoon, Tornado, Cyclones
- diesel alternator : Pielstick PA4 / PA6
- steam turbo-generators : Rateau, Whortington
- Emergency Diesel Generators. UPS DC/AC Socomec Merlin Gerin.
- Distribution: HV/LV switchboards, until 63KV. Full plant network management.
- Electrical protection: CEE, Merlin Gérin, GEC
- Automatic control: cable logics, monitoring, control, Rotork.

- Instrumentation :

- Pneumatic: Amot Control, Masoneilan, Schlumberger, Foxboro, Fisher
- Electronic : Honeywell, Fisher, Foxboro, Rosemounth, Endress Hauser, Gen. Monitor
- Metering :responsible for the Africa West coast metering turbines calibration: Faure-Hermann on Maloney loop, Micro-motion Brooks.

- DCS :
- Honeywell TDC 2000, 3000, Z Bailey, Bailey Modumat 8000, Gould, Emerson

- Industrial PLC’s :
- Télémécanique series 7
- Siemens series Simatic S5, Merlin Gérin PB 15/80/400
- Merlin Gérin PB 15/80/400
- Storage, ultrasonic level control Endress Hauser.

Computer knowledge - CAD- CMMS

- Microsoft Office softs, 4D Programmer. + many PLC’s
- Autocad


- French : mother tongue
- English : read, written and spoken
- German : basic

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