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A Native TEFL Certified South African Teacher seeking teaching experience in Vietnam

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Date de dernière connexion : 2017-01-15

Monsieur Da... H...
4051 Durban
Afrique Du Sud

Situation actuelle:
Secteur d'activité actuel : Financial Services
Taille de l'entreprise : 101 à 1000 salariés
Fonction actuelle : Forensic Specialist
Nombre d'années à ce poste : 3 à 5 ans
Nombre de personnes sous mes ordres : 0
Salaire annuel : 0.00 EUR
Expérience Totale : 3 à 5 ans
Disponibilité : Disponibilité immédiate
Poste recherché:
Fonctions: English Teacher, ,
Secteur d'activité: Education, ,

Type de contrat souhaité: CDI, CDD, CDD Intermittent, Interim, Agent
Temps de travail souhaité: Temps plein, Temps partiel, En alternance, Journalier, Saisonnier, Travail le WE
Salaire Annuel Minimum / Souhaité: 0.00 / 0.00 EUR
Etudes :
Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : < Bac-5
Dernier diplome : Honours Bachelor of Arts in Criminology
Niveau d'études actuel : < Bac-5
Autres Formations :

Mobilité :
Pays : Vietnam

Outils / Logiciels / Méthodes maitrisés

Permis VL, PL, véhicules spéciaux

Anglais : Langue maternelle

CV :

Monsieur Da... H
4051 Durban
Afrique Du Sud

I hold an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of South Africa. I have experience in the teaching field from my time as an English Teacher at a high school in South Korea. I also have experience within the corporate field after spending five years working at a financial services company in South Africa.


Hello Academies TEFL, Prague, Czech RepublicNov/Dec 2016
Completed an intensive 120-hour-in-person TEFL certification program; This course is externally accredited by the International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations (IATQuO.org); I achieved eight hours of teaching practice which was observed by qualified trainers; The classes compromised of Czech students that were pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper intermediate English learners; I gained one to one teaching experience when I had undertaken a learner profile project which involved the analysis of a Czech student's reading, writing, speaking and listening skills; We were introduced to phonology to assist us with helping students with improving their pronunciation; Reviewed the criteria for English proficiency exams and how best to assist students to undertake them.

University of South Africa, Honours Bachelor of Arts (Post-graduate), 2009 - 2011
Majored in Criminology; Degree completed in Durban, South Africa. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Bachelor of Social Science (Undergraduate), 2005 - 2008
Majored in Psychology & Criminology; Degree completed in Durban, South Africa.


GEPIK (Gyeonggi English Program in Korea)Full Time

ESL Teacher in Jeomdong-myeon, South Korea March 2010 - Feb 2011

Official Role: Taught conversational English to High School Students (aged 14 – 17) as part of a one year contract.

Planning lessons; Participating in extracurricular activities; Chaperoning field trips and proctoring exams; Classroom learning aids such as smart screens, PowerPoint presentations and online sources were an integral parts of most lessons.

Bayport Financial Services Full Time

Forensic Investigator in Johannesburg, South Africa Mar 2011 – Aug 2016

Official Role: My position primarily revolved around the investigation of criminal offences, staff and loan fraud and other whistleblower cases received through the fraud reporting channels of the company.

Required to lead team projects and high profile cases. Dealt with fraud complaints which needed me to liaise with customers on a regularly basis. This required me to be calm and collected in order to ease the concerns of the customer. I was in an advisory roles at times as sales staff would require assistance in dealing with fraud matters. Required to perform under pressure in order to constantly meeting deadlines and achieve KPI targets. Represented the company in disciplinary hearings against staff members found to have transgressed company policies. Maintained a professional conduct throughout my tenure.

Implementing the use of whiteboards in classrooms to deliver effective lessons; Able to operate projectors where lessons required video and audio presentations.

Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Outlook); Proficient in Windows OS (through to Windows 8).

Lettre de candidature

Monsieur Da... H
4051 Durban
Afrique Du Sud

A Native TEFL Certified South African Teacher seeking teaching experience in Vietnam

After researching a number of opportunities, I have decided that teaching abroad is the right decision for me.
During my 120-hour in-person TEFL certification course, I learned how to create meaningful interactive lessons and activities for all levels of students. In addition, I have teaching experience from my time as an ESL teacher at a high school in South Korea. I also hold an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from the University of South Africa.
After five years of work experience in the financial services industry in South Africa, I have come to value qualities such as leadership and professional conduct.
I would be honored to work for a school in Vietnam and I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Monsieur Da... H...

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